Buddha Amitabha Retreat – Barom Kagyu Sydney (Saturday, 7th October – Monday, 9th October 2017)

logoIconSVenerable Sonam Tenzin Rinpoche and Venerable Lama Namsai from Barom Kagyu Sydney will conduct a 3 days Buddha Amitabha practice in Sefton.

Amitabha Buddha practice is a well known practice in Buddhist Mahayana and Vajrayana lineages. Lord Buddha commented extensively in the Amitabha Buddha Sutra about Amitabha Buddha and His Pure Land and explained in detail on how that Pure Land was arrayed, as well as the essence ofthe inner qualities of the Pure Land.

In general, there are countless Pure Lands, most of these Pure Lands are not easy to attain rebirth in; most require high qualities of realization such as the practitioner has to have externally pure Vinaya vow, internally pure Budhisattva vow and most internally pure Vajrayana vows, and so one have such high qualifications to be reborn in such a Pure Land. And in some Pure Lands, one will have to be truly realized, some have to have great accomplished practice of Vajrayana, such as the creation and completion stages. So it is possible that in this dark age of ours, some individual may still have the possibility to attain those sages, but most likely many ordinary people like us, due to not enough diligence purification wisdom or merit, not enough of the view of emptiness and meditation so we are stuck in samsara. But Lord Buddha Amitabha, before His enlightenment, while He was still engaging in Budhisattva activities and conduct, had pure and sincere motivation when He vowed that when He attained the state of Buddhahood, any being in any universe desiring to be born into Amitabha’s Pure Land and calling upon His name even as few as ten time will be guaranteed rebirth there, and continually obtain enlightenment. Such motivation became effective and available to this dark age of ours. So our only opportunity to obtain rebirth in a Pure Land is to receive empowerment and teachings of Amitabha and Bodhisattva. When one goes to the Pure Land, one can obtain enlightenment without hindrance. The practice is very simple, but there are four different causes to be able to be reborn to the Pure Land of Amitabha:

A. To sincerely take refuge in the Three Jewels, and generating Bodhicitta, that one can obtain enlightenment to be able to benefit other beings;

B. One must receive empowerment and instructions on how to practice the Amitabha sadhana from a pure authentic teacher with an unbroken lineage;

C. One must perform the six paramitas and accumulate merit and wisdom, and dedicate these to the wish to be reborn in the Pure Land for the benefit of all sentient beings;

D. One must always remember the qualities and benefits of Amitabha’s Pure Lands. One has to be always mindful of, one is Avalokiteshavara in Amitabha’s Pure Land, Amitabha is right in front of one, all sounds are sounds of mantra, all are of empty essence, nothing is solid, all are the display of wisdom, transparent, all thought and memories are inherently of empty nature. It will also help for one to read the Amitabha Pure Land sutra as well as the aspiration prayer of Amitabha Pure Land, this will also describe the qualities of the Pure Land as well as how to obtain a rebirth there, this will also help one in generating devotion and trust in Amitabha’s Pure Land.

The retreat will conclude the Buddha Amitabha Long Life Blessing and Empowerment by Venerable Sonam Rinpoche and Venerable Lama Namsai.

An Empowerment generally has three Initiations – for the body, speech and mind. These are the “three doors” through which we act and create karmas. The goal of Tantra is to purify all our karmas of body, speech and mind by removing our afflictions and obstacles to our liberation and omniscience, so that our actions become no difference from those of a Buddha. Receiving an Empowerment is like planting a seed. With the right conditions later, this seed will sprout and grow into Buddhahood. During the Empowerment, each of these three doors is blessed individually, thus, there is a Body Initiation, a Speech Initiation and a Mind Initiation. In this way, the defilements of each of the three doors are purified and you are empowered to visualise yourself in the form of the Buddha Amitabha, to recite the Buddha Amitabha’s mantra and to meditate on the
mind of the Buddha Amitabha.

On behalf of Venerable Sonam Rinpoche and Venerable Lama Namsai, we are looking forward to seeing you in Sefton.

Date:  Saturday, 7th October to Monday, 9th October 2017.

 Buddha Amitabha Initiation,  Friday, 6th October 2017, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm 

Venue:  50 Woods Road, Sefton NSW 2162  

Reservations are required by emailing to baromkagyu.syd@gmail.com with name and contact details, pre-registration is necessary for the meal bookings,


$60/person for the 3 days Retreat to cover the meals, drinks, altar offerings and utilities.  If you wish to join the retreat but have financial difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us. Donation to the Centre is voluntary to support the Centre’s building fund and running costs. Your support would be much appreciated.