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Chodrak Nunnery Kagyu Daejun Chuling

Yearly Program

This pray coming from Terton Yongye Mejor Dorje treasure guru Pemabenza Tsog offering and pray. This is the essential of Dharmakaya Vajradhara and Pemabenza and 80 Indian mahasiddhies and 8 manifestation of guru Rinpoche, guru yoga pray. Pema Benza is very secret and very profound puja. This pray for all sentient being and specially whoever have positive or negative karmic connection. Chodrak Monastery is very well-known in conducting this puja every year in multiple month.

Time: 7-13 January

Duration: 7 days

Beneficial: In realization long life and turning rainbow body. This method can help directly liberate deceased people to pure land.

This pray for whoever has positive and negative karmic connection, particularly all the pass-away people. It is also pray for peace and harmony, less natural disaster. Wishing this pray to benefit to all the lineage holders and long life. Wishing to the earth less natural disaster and more harmony and happiness.

Time: 28 – 24 January

Duration: 7 days

Beneficial: Whoever donate for reading will have abundant benefit such as: Removing obstacle form outside, inside and secret, it is also benefit to realization of Buddha-hood and long life, raising up energy, more successful.

This practice very well known, popular and profound purification method, coming from Gelongma Palmo, a princess and a Buddhist practitioner in India. By this practice, she overcame the leprosy and attain Buddha-hood in one life time. It is a set of 2 days practice in which 1 day fasting and 1 day having 1 meal before 12am. practice 8 time Nyungne means 16 days from early morning to sunset continually visualize and chanting of thousand armed Chenezig with combination of prostration and conduct many pujas.

Time: 1 – 16 April

Duration: 16 days

Beneficial: It is said that if someone taking Mahayana precepts and hold them precisely in 24 hours will accumulate merit as much more than the one who continually offering to Buddha and Bodhisattva in 100 years. Specially if it is done in Sagadawa, the merit is multiple. This practice if even done 1 time, it closes the door to rebirth in 3 low realms. If done in 8 times, the spiritual achievement equal the stream-enter and can be born in Amitabha pure-land.

Pray to 5 Buddhas Amitaya, which is very profound puja help to realize long-life. This practice is combine of nuns (monks) dance and tsog offering.

Time: 9 -15 June

Duration: 7 days

Beneficial: When we pray this long-life Amitaya can live long, whoever have short live can extend their life. When pass-away can liberate to Amitabha pure-land, specially this pray for all the lineage holders and all sponsors long-life and good health.

When practice this puja, everyday taking 8 Mahayana precepts, pray to Buddha Amitabha and Avalokitesvara and Vajrapani and Buddhas and Boddisattva.

Time: 22 – 28 September

Duration: 7 days

Beneficial: Remove obstacles and when one dies, one can liberate to Buddha Amitabha pure-land, particularly whoever living in bardo state also can liberate them to Buddha Amitabha pure-land. Buddha Amitabha himself saying: whoever saying his name, so this living being no need rebirth in 3 low realms, that much significant. During this pray time all sponsors and particularly dead and bardo state being fast to liberate to Buddha Amitabha pure-land.

Mahakala is one of the most powerful dharma protector. When pray for Mahakala, always to visualize he is inseparable with Lama. This puja conducts few days before the end of every year to remove all obstacles of old year and to open the new smooth year.

Time: 27 – 30 November

Duration: 4 days

Beneficial: To remove all obstacles, whatever one wishing can fulfill, specially whoever facing problem in business and remove obstacles and having successfully business.

Wrathful Guru Rinpoche is one of the many manifestation of Padmasambhava. This puja is conducted in December before New Year.

Time: 25 – 29 December

Duration: 5 days

Beneficial: To remove all obstacles and having a coming New Year very smooth and successful , particularly when we home-mage to Guru Rinpoche at this Kalayok time: so many natural disaster, many disease, obstacles can be removed.

Monthly Program

Practice Guru Yoga can be beneficial to build up genuine devotion and in order to receiving Siddhi, extraordinary and ordinary Siddhi, if we are receiving Siddhi mean, we practice enlightenment no obstacles, and archive enlightenment quickly.

Time: Every 8

Pray for 100 deities, especially for dead people when pray this can pacify obscuration, delusion during bardo state and clarify darkness and liberating to Samingta pure-land.

Time: Every 10

A powerful method of purifying negative karma.

Time: Every 15

Beneficial: we can accumulate huge merit and any one, who is willing to sponsor will sharing the same benefit as practitioner.

Chod and Tsok: means cutting 5 defilement and chod means earning 2 accumulation merit actual and imagines, which very profound purification pray and remove obstacles puja.

Time: Every 25

Sojong: “so” means renew broken vows. “Jong” means purify negative karma. This is puja is purification in general.

Asokbya Buddha pray: for living being remove obstacles and for disease and dead people to help liberate to Asobya pure land.

Time Every 30

Beneficial: When we pray for Asokbya Buddha this can beneficial in case even someone create 5 heavy negative karma, this can able to purify and liberating to Asokbya pure land.

Special Request

Request Nunnery to pray for disease or dead people: For 49 days Buddha Amitabha puja everyday, Asokbya, red Chenezig and every 7 days “Jang Chok”, “Jang” means purification, “Chok” means praying can contact to us. Especially the period of 49 days after dead is extremely important to help the dead by such these powerful puja and pray to dedicate merit to them.

Beneficial: To help dead people who is still in bardo state to liberate to pure land.

Request to pray for 21 Tara and Mahakala: All the sponsors, who are having business problems, they can request to pray for 21 Tara and Mahakala.

Beneficial: 21 Taras can remove past, present, future obstacles, 8 dangerous situations and 16 dangerous situations.

Such requests can be made at any time. Please, contact Barom Kagyu Chodrak Chuling for further information.