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Sponsor A Nun – Chodrak Nunnery

Sponsoring a nun, donating towards the building of a temple / retreat centre generate a tremendous amount of merit. This represents a wonderful opportunity for lay people to contribute towards the spreading of Dharma and to practice generosity, one of the 6 paramitas. The nun you sponsor will be praying daily for you- the sponsor, helping to remove any obscuration and bringing blessings. You will be further blessed with the knowledge that you have made a difference in continuing the history of this Buddhist sanctuary in the holy province of Kham and keeping alive the rich tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

Many of these nuns are from impoverished families whose homes are located far away. Their families struggle to bring food to the nuns every three months, but because there is no refrigeration and the facilities are so basic-food does not last. A large number of nuns are also orphans and receive no financial support at all. Sadly, these nuns are often forced to travel to food to the nearest village to beg for food. Chodrak Nunnery has no tap water – the nearest water well is situated about 2 km from the nunnery.

Despite these grim conditions, the gentle nuns are resilient, hard working and committed. Under circumstanced which most people  would find unbearable, these devoted nun work, pray and toil for the sake of all sentient beings. However, the cold and hash conditions combined with the day threat of starvation does take its toll as some nuns see no other alternative than disrobe and leave the nunnery.

The Chodrak Nunnery urgently need your financial support. You can help make an enormous difference in allowing these nuns to survive and continue their practice. Seventy dollars ( $70 ) a month will provide food, medicines, robes and education materials for one nun.

If you would like to sponsor a nun, yearly $850, half yearly $425, monthly $70.

Donations can be deposited directly into Nunnery account

The following nuns are in need of sponsors.