Reconstruction of Nuns’ Quarters

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Reconstruction of Nuns’ Quarters

The Chodrak Nunnery in East Tibet is a traditional Tibetan style structure. The buildings are terra cotta, made from clay. Due to heavy rain and poor conditions of the nunnery many nun’s quarters collapse and the rest of the buildings are in very poor condition.

Thus, Ven. Sonam Tenzin Rinpoche wished to reconstruct 50 nuns’ quarters, each quarter including three rooms, total 48 square feet, every square foot is 1500(CNY) = RM745.940. Each quarter is 72,000(CNY) = RM 35,805. Total cost pf 50 nuns’ quarters is 3,600,000(CNY) = RM 1,790,250.

One square foot 1500 (CNY) = $ 237(AUD)
One quarter 72,000 (CNY) = $11,376 (AUD)
50 nun’s quarters 3,600,000 (CNY) = $568,800 (AUD)

One hundred percent of your donation will go to supporting the nun’s accommodation.


Proposed building of 50 nun’s quarters for Chodrak Dechen Chuling Nunnery